Trick or Treat – 9 Dye-Free Candies For A Healthy Halloween Season

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Smiley Faced Stickers Help Kids Make Healthier Food Choices – Says Study

A study introduced in San Diego, California at the annual Pediatric Academic Societies conference showed that strategically placing “Green Smiley Faced” stickers near the healthiest foods in the cafeteria and giving rewards of small prizes like mini beach balls, temporary tattoo or … Read More

How Dangerous Are Food Dyes To Our Children’s Health?

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Can “Stickers” Help Kids Eat More Fruit and Veggies?

Can “Stickers” really help kids eat more fruit and veggies? According to a Cornell study, placing a popular cartoon character on a fruit or veggie may make a healthy snack more appealing to kids. Researchers, Brian Wansink, David R. Just, of … Read More