What Customers Say

"I purchased the four pack of "My Fruity Faces" for my grandchildren to enjoy.  We used them with apples and they were so excited when they saw the characters on the fruit.  They would eat a piece of Apple with the Fruity Face on it and ask for another piece to put another face on it.  They were a hit and it made me feel good watching them eat something other than candy or cookies which is what they usually get at grandma's.  I immediately sent in another order for some more packs and plan on giving them to my grandchildren for Christmas to take home."

Jeannette M. - Indiana

"My daughter struggles with many foods! These did the trick!"

Nicole J. - Nevada

customer 2
Janet A. - New York

"My kids absolutely loved the edible stickers, they had fun eating their fruit and veggies."

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Marc K. - Los Angeles

"I was pleasantly surprised on how effective the edible stickers were in getting my son to eat more veggies."

"Love, love, love the stickers!"

Sandy T. - Washington

"My kids are now eating their fruit and veggies, thanks to My Fruity Faces."

Melisa N. - Michigan

"Shark Tank missed the boat on this one. What a winning product! Thank you for helping our children!"

Tammy P. - San Francisco

"My daughter loved them and thought they were very fun!"

Gabi S. - Colorado

"Cute and fun :)"

Rebecca C. - New York

"My kids are good about eating fruit and veggies but it was more fun with the stickers"

Cherie G. - Texas

"My kids liked the faces, I think the product is a great idea to show young children fruits and vegetables can be fun to eat."

Mary M. - New Jersey

"They are great for those picky eaters."

Kathleen R. - Minnesota

"My children eat almost anything. But I noticed if they were having a hard time eating at any certain meal the stickers helped!"

Jame M. - New Mexico

"It definitely made healthy snack time more enjoyable."

Brittany A. - Washington

"They loved the stickers!"

Bingham H. - Pennsylvania

"Great product, my son loved them!"

Erica A. - Florida