The My Fruity Faces


That Was Then….

Until now, most parents believe that getting children to adopt healthy eating habits is on a par with achieving cold fusion. My Fruity Faces was created to be the link between healthy eating and an active lifestyle among children. Several studies including a Cornell University study shows pairing fruit and popular cartoon characters increase consumption of healthy eating. My Fruity Faces offers “All-Natural Edible Stickers”, to help kids develop healthier eating habits with our 100% Made in the USA “edible stickers” kids now enjoy eating fresh fruit and veggies. In fact, our stickers are just the ticket to encourage your kids to make healthier eating choices……Pssssst just don’t tell the kids!!! The best part is the more they play with My Fruity Faces, the more fruit and veggies they consume.

Got a picky eater in the house? Let em play with their food and stick one of our Edible Stickers on a fruit or vegetable, and watch it work its magic. As an added bonus, they make great party gifts and educational tools for teachers and therapists who offer occupational and speech therapy for children.

So Many Stickers To Choose From! (*All Available in All-Natural ingredients)

All-Natural Edible Stickers

Our Own Original Characters:

  • Buddy Bites
  • Groovy Gals
  • Monster Munchies
  • Playful Pets

Licensed Characters of kids favorite television shows, movies, sports team, etc. coming soon!!!

If you’re a resident in Southern California, you can find our edible stickers in select Wal-Mart Supercenters or you can place your ORDER TODAY ONLINE.