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Please Read our blog to get information, tips, and recipes for quick and healthy snacks on healthy eating. These snacks for kids are not only healthy but creative and fun for kiddos.



Trick or Treat – 9 Dye-Free Candies For A Healthy Halloween Season

The History of Halloween dates back as far as 100 years in several countries including the U.S. It’s a time where kids can dress in their favorite costumes and indulge in eating candy much to the chagrin of parents. Unfortunately, … Read More

Smiley Faced Stickers Help Kids Make Healthier Food Choices – Says Study

A study introduced in San Diego, California at the annual Pediatric┬áAcademic Societies conference showed that strategically placing “Green Smiley Faced” stickers┬ánear the healthiest foods in the cafeteria and giving rewards of small prizes like mini beach balls, temporary tattoo or … Read More

Study Shows Stickers May Help Kids Eat Healthy! Infographic

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How Dangerous Are Food Dyes To Our Children’s Health?

For years scientists┬áhave known that there is a┬álink between dangerous food dyes and hyperactivity in kids and cancer. A study published in Science found that when kids who scored high on a scale measuring hyperactivity consumed a blended food-dye they … Read More

Can “Stickers” Help Kids Eat More Fruit and Veggies?

Can “Stickers” really help kids eat more fruit and veggies? According to a Cornell study, placing a popular cartoon character on a fruit or veggie may make a┬áhealthy snack more appealing to kids. Researchers, Brian Wansink, David R. Just, of … Read More

8 Easy Steps On How To Help Your “Picky Eater” Eat Healthy: Infographic

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How Hillary Clinton’s Dehydration Can Be A Teaching Moment For Kids About Health and Nutrition: “Drink Plenty of Water”

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After video surfaced of Hillary Clinton stumbling to get into a van helped by secret service agents on Sunday at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. Her campaign was forced to go public and to the media about her … Read More

Help Your Child Lead A Healthy Lifestyle: Infographic

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The Benefits of Fruit and Veggies: Infographic

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The importance of a balanced diet to a Child’s development.

  The importance of a balanced diet to a Child’s development. Most parents understand the importance of a balanced diet to a child’s development and growth. ┬áBut, few realize the lasting importance┬áof creating healthy eating habits and instilling an early … Read More

Healthy snacks for kids “Edible Stickers” for fruit and veggies Video Post

My Fruity faces has created a product┬áto get kids to eat and enjoy healthy food, specifically fruit and vegetables. This new concept is an ÔÇťall-natural, deliciously flavored, EDIBLE stickers that kids apply to fruits and veggies in creative combinationsÔÇŁ. Our … Read More